Tamilnadu Politics one billion dollar question?

570644-011Dr MGR is an eternal force in Tamilnadu. Dr anna is our great leader who shaped all poor and downtrodden. Politics isa great game in Tamilnadu.I am 73 plus . i have moved with Dr Mgr and Dr Anna too in 1967. i had the finest chnace of getting into DMKs politics by Anna when i was working in Arakonam High school asa science teacher.but 1967 i was not settled in my life as i was so happy in my teaching job.

1972..I quit from DMK and sailed along with Dr MGr in Anna DMK.

Even now we are all supporters of Dr MGr…

but we hate political corrupt fellows of any party. in fact i know many of my known fellows who amassed wealth using Dr MGrs Name and are living as millionairres . i do not care for such criminals. we are simple and humble and love Dr MGr and Dr Amma….

I request Dr Amma should be careful in candidates selection in 2016.

success is only to AIADMK but many cabinet ministers should not be given another chance. Many educated youth are waiting and Party should support honest women under 45  so that they will grow as best politicians.

I am appealing  to Dr Amma  to give proper training about our movement. Party members must know how we are in today fora big change in Tamilnadu.

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India welcomes China Renewable Energy team under Dr Dachung lu

Imagergy Team …we welcomed them…in 2008. I was so surprised to see 12 top experts of China in a simple and humble manner. we exchnaged ideas and info in Jatropha oil trade….we agreed the future will be with renewable Energy….



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Tourism was in peak period During Dr Ammas 2000 rule

Tourism was in peak period During Dr Ammas 2000 rule

Tourism was supported by Dr Amma..so i rana Tourism monthly magazine called Indu Tourism News but i closed after DMK came to power. i gotan award from UWA Dr Thiagarajan.

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Tamilnadu Politics future lies with the spirits of Dr Anna and Dr MGr


i am 72 and was in Tamilnadu politics since 1957 …so even before my SSLC iwasa DMK man under Dr Anna and not under any Leader. Anna was our Leader and he ruled us.Tamilnadu , Anna wanted to get rid of congress once for all  and so he did this wonder along with Master stratageist Rajaji. so in 1967 congress was thrown into political oblivion. Ever since MGr ruled Tamilnadu Mr Karunanidhi could not conquer Tamilnadu….so after Dr MGrs Demise he tried and came back to power asa man aligned with Congress. so Mr Karunanidhi has forgetten Dr Annnas ideals and wanted to roll over Funds. 

But Dr Jayalalithaa isa shrewd politician now wants to finish DMk once for all …so she is planning to DUMP DMK and Congress at one master stroke…she will get this done …..soon

The govt of India under Modi will be blossomed.so the days of Congress and DMk are numbered.

Dr Amma should select Parliamentary candidates  who can speak well in English ….such honest and clean MP candidates should be selected by Dr Amma…

But by seeing a Man like Rajendra Balaji as Chief selection man for Virudhungar we are sure we will never geta candidate …as per Dr Ammas wishes. since This Ministers name was in media as he had land scam…so we must see honest people in politics.

I hope Dr Amma will not trust rajenderaBalajiin his selection of MP candidates,,,

but we will support Dr Amma





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Indian Politics Today

Indian Poilitics today is the bad picture for future Indians.our dreams so far by eminent scholars like Dr APJ Kalam and Dr Anna and Dr MGR ..are changing so fast ..we were all thinking India is on the right path.

we are the great ancient people who found the value fora Zero butthen nobody would have expected  that thesexeros ,,,would be used to annex all waelth by a few families in India.

whata shame …we keep our money in swiss Banks

whata shamewe do not think poor farmers of India..

India has today many leaders …..but among the dynamic chief ministers  i think Dr Jayalalithaa is most able administrator  for India

since she speaks Hindi Telugu and Kannada and Tamil and Malayalam

so she would perhaps be one top contender for PrimeMinisters post…

so far Tamilnadu nobody represented India…a Chance came to Mr Mooppanar but he declined that offer…

since Indira Gandhi was there


But today we needa radiating and intelligent man or Lady with honest policies to lead India

One world without Borders

All cities are ours

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www.mgrbiodiesel.com greets USA President

iam so happy to see American President Hi s excellency Barak Obama is keen to see the fast dismantling fossil oils and His support to Solar and Bioenergy projects are most welcome




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Love and Peace in 21st century ….

 You all will agree  with the current trends of world wars -like situations in Iraq Israel palastine  Srilanka  India eastern parts  and terror groups every where…

so we must sit and solve this.America  is a Big Brother and we all wish the New President of America in 2008 would solve some of the evils of War.

I always think  Petrand Russels view of World Govt …

UNO is a similar Institution but with less powers before war-loving  politicians.

 so we must place all our hearts together  to see an Era of Peace.

Lord Jesus Buddha   Mohammed the Prophet and Thiruvalluvar the great saint of India

are all  watching us …

so let us act and save this planet  from the Evils of War.



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