Love and Peace in 21st century ….

 You all will agree  with the current trends of world wars -like situations in Iraq Israel palastine  Srilanka  India eastern parts  and terror groups every where…

so we must sit and solve this.America  is a Big Brother and we all wish the New President of America in 2008 would solve some of the evils of War.

I always think  Petrand Russels view of World Govt …

UNO is a similar Institution but with less powers before war-loving  politicians.

 so we must place all our hearts together  to see an Era of Peace.

Lord Jesus Buddha   Mohammed the Prophet and Thiruvalluvar the great saint of India

are all  watching us …

so let us act and save this planet  from the Evils of War.



About alagarsamy

Iam 71 plus and working for Renewable Energy Projects . Iam helping international investors with Lands for agri-business. I can soure upto25000acres for investing in Agri-business
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