Indian Politics Today

Indian Poilitics today is the bad picture for future Indians.our dreams so far by eminent scholars like Dr APJ Kalam and Dr Anna and Dr MGR ..are changing so fast ..we were all thinking India is on the right path.

we are the great ancient people who found the value fora Zero butthen nobody would have expected  that thesexeros ,,,would be used to annex all waelth by a few families in India.

whata shame …we keep our money in swiss Banks

whata shamewe do not think poor farmers of India..

India has today many leaders …..but among the dynamic chief ministers  i think Dr Jayalalithaa is most able administrator  for India

since she speaks Hindi Telugu and Kannada and Tamil and Malayalam

so she would perhaps be one top contender for PrimeMinisters post…

so far Tamilnadu nobody represented India…a Chance came to Mr Mooppanar but he declined that offer…

since Indira Gandhi was there


But today we needa radiating and intelligent man or Lady with honest policies to lead India

One world without Borders

All cities are ours


About alagarsamy

Iam 71 plus and working for Renewable Energy Projects . Iam helping international investors with Lands for agri-business. I can soure upto25000acres for investing in Agri-business
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