Tamilnadu Politics future lies with the spirits of Dr Anna and Dr MGr


i am 72 and was in Tamilnadu politics since 1957 …so even before my SSLC iwasa DMK man under Dr Anna and not under any Leader. Anna was our Leader and he ruled us.Tamilnadu , Anna wanted to get rid of congress once for all  and so he did this wonder along with Master stratageist Rajaji. so in 1967 congress was thrown into political oblivion. Ever since MGr ruled Tamilnadu Mr Karunanidhi could not conquer Tamilnadu….so after Dr MGrs Demise he tried and came back to power asa man aligned with Congress. so Mr Karunanidhi has forgetten Dr Annnas ideals and wanted to roll over Funds. 

But Dr Jayalalithaa isa shrewd politician now wants to finish DMk once for all …so she is planning to DUMP DMK and Congress at one master stroke…she will get this done …..soon

The govt of India under Modi will be blossomed.so the days of Congress and DMk are numbered.

Dr Amma should select Parliamentary candidates  who can speak well in English ….such honest and clean MP candidates should be selected by Dr Amma…

But by seeing a Man like Rajendra Balaji as Chief selection man for Virudhungar we are sure we will never geta candidate …as per Dr Ammas wishes. since This Ministers name was in media as he had land scam…so we must see honest people in politics.

I hope Dr Amma will not trust rajenderaBalajiin his selection of MP candidates,,,

but we will support Dr Amma






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Iam 71 plus and working for Renewable Energy Projects . Iam helping international investors with Lands for agri-business. I can soure upto25000acres for investing in Agri-business
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