Tamilnadu Politics one billion dollar question?

570644-011Dr MGR is an eternal force in Tamilnadu. Dr anna is our great leader who shaped all poor and downtrodden. Politics isa great game in Tamilnadu.I am 73 plus . i have moved with Dr Mgr and Dr Anna too in 1967. i had the finest chnace of getting into DMKs politics by Anna when i was working in Arakonam High school asa science teacher.but 1967 i was not settled in my life as i was so happy in my teaching job.

1972..I quit from DMK and sailed along with Dr MGr in Anna DMK.

Even now we are all supporters of Dr MGr…

but we hate political corrupt fellows of any party. in fact i know many of my known fellows who amassed wealth using Dr MGrs Name and are living as millionairres . i do not care for such criminals. we are simple and humble and love Dr MGr and Dr Amma….

I request Dr Amma should be careful in candidates selection in 2016.

success is only to AIADMK but many cabinet ministers should not be given another chance. Many educated youth are waiting and Party should support honest women under 45  so that they will grow as best politicians.

I am appealing  to Dr Amma  to give proper training about our movement. Party members must know how we are in today fora big change in Tamilnadu.


About alagarsamy

Iam 71 plus and working for Renewable Energy Projects . Iam helping international investors with Lands for agri-business. I can soure upto25000acres for investing in Agri-business
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