The Diravidian struggle of 1972 and How Dr MGr saved this great movement.

The year was in 169. there were deep plots of political games played by M. Karunanidhi the then CM of Tamilnadu. MGR was in his film world asan Emperor. But DMK  party MGR was the Treasurer.  . so MK  as CM of Tamilnadu planned to dismiss MGR from the party. so it happend in 1972. at that time i was in central govt. i sawa huge  popular support to MGR. Village after village and towns after towns were admireres of MGr only. The great fort of DMK was cracking. net result 1972 MGRs own Party was launches as ANNA DMK.

All senior leaders like SD . Somasundaram …in politics he was like Kakkan so simple and and HUmble.he joined with Anna DMK. Another stalwart  SR Radha from Kumbakonam too joined. soon ADMK had swollen as biggest party.  net result Karunanidhi lost power  from Tamilnadu. Dr MGr saved This great movement. Rajaji had appreciated Dr MGr….since he was real political disciple of Dr Anna…..will be contd..


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